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Jan. 5th, 2017 05:35 am
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I'm Nicole or N. I don't mind which one you use to address me. I'm... well, socially awkward. An introvert. I try my best to talk to people around here and be friends with them though. Really!

Arashian (Arashi), ELF (Super Junior), I'm also into Visual Kei/Jrock bands such as X Japan, the GazettE, Miyavi, and SuG. Also a Killjoy (MCR), Star Wars fan, and currently converted to Marvel & DC trash. (No regrets. None at all.)

I post very random things; from rants, random blabberings, even downloads to fanfictions. You have been warned. But please, do feel free to approach and talk to me here or tweet to me at aibasshi on twitter or at neenoshi on tumblr. I'm more active on Twitter, and I need more fandom friends. I really do. It's torture having all these "feels" and not having any friends to share them with! Oh, and if I somehow forget to add you back, please comment here so I can! Entries are mostly public, but do know that when you add me, you'll be seeing some very random stuff that can get pretty personal sometimes... (for those of you who just added me 'cuz of downloads, I don't post much. Just those I can get my hands on!)

よろしく ~ ❤️

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I never thought I'd post that much of my trash a.k.a fics here that I'd be needing a masterpost, so here it is! [click on the cut to see the fics~]

Update: 11/16/2016 - Some fics are f-locked now. And by "some", I mean the ones I feel embarrassed to let people read publicly... meaning the embarrassment has kicked in.

Enter~ )
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 Hello! I ripped the first disc of Are You Happy? con into mp3 since I had some time in my hands last night (I just uploaded it now lmao) I don't know if I'll rip the second disc... but now I kinda feel like it? Haha. 

The mp3 files are tagged and have the Are You Happy DVD cover as its, well, cover art. (I hope no one minds that?)

Here's the link! ---> MF 

EDIT: Here's the link to Disc 2!! ---> MF

Comment if taking and if there's any problems with the files. :D 

Random though: MILES AWAY RUINED ME.


Jun. 1st, 2017 09:07 pm
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 And before this day ends (It's 9 PM here already, and I almost forgot to do this "tradition" of mine every first day of the month) It's June again! I remember making my very first start of the month entry last year and I'm doing it again. 

This day has been full of FEELS. Seriously. I can't describe how amazing Arashi are; watched the first disc of Are You Happy? DVD just a while ago (I'll watch the other disc tomorrow because I need rest and I suddenly felt chest pains *it's gone now tho!*) I'm yet to download Japonism Arena and I'm sooo excited to watch it as well! I'm a bit sad I didn't get to buy the DVD, but hey, I might do so in the future once I save up money again. 

June is going to be hell of a month for me - classes are starting, though I won't be going 'till much, much later because of medical stuff, so I guess I have some time in my hands (time wasted by waiting for appointments and stuff, I guess.)


I hope everyone has a nice month ahead! Here, have some Nino. <3 (His solo performance was nice - the lights they used were great, though the fact that the camera is always far away is meh) 

Hello, May~

May. 1st, 2017 06:45 pm
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It's the month of May! (Oh, the amount of "It's gonna be May(me)" memes I've seen all the past week) A lot of things will be happening this month for me, and I'm both nervous and excited (I've been blabbering about my "May" plans for a while now, I apologize.) Though there's a catch: I might miss the first month and a half of classes this June/July. (I'll be surprised if anyone guesses what's up lol)

I guess the highlight of April for me was my trash fic winning "Best Junba" for the Arashi fic awards 2016. Like, seriously, even though that fic is dubbed trash by me, it made me happy knowing people actually nominated and voted for that. So yay and thanks to those who did! :D

Anyway, as of now... these past few days, I've been obsessing over Assassin's Creed (Syndicate) on PS4. A bit late, yeah, but my friend finally got me into buying two(!) games of the franchise and seeing what's up. I gotta say: I hate how much I'm loving it, despite the damn glitches (Oh, Ubisoft.) I actually have lots of games to finish, and a few I have to play all over again (Hello, Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5) and the thing is, I keep buying new games, which is why I'm so broke now.

To sum this trash entry up (this is a bit last minute now, huh lol), I hope for everyone to have a great month ahead! :)

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It's been a while since I posted anything here (both LJ and DW) and truthfully, I'm not sure if I'll be used to the whole "moving somewhere else/DW". This month is coming to an end in just a few days, which is... wow. Time sure flies, huh? Anyway. I just wanted to drop by my friends' reading pages/feeds, and say a quick hello. I just got home from spending some time with a friend, she gave me Arashi's Beautiful World album as a souvenir from her trip to Japan. And, of course, some chocolates. She's amazing, really, since I'm broke af right now. 

Speaking of being broke and Arashi - the DVD... are you going to buy it? Did you pre-order it already? I'd like to say the same but sadly, I didn't (because of the whole "I'm broke af" thing lmao) I guess I'll just be waiting for someone god-sent to upload the concerts. Haha! 
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It's April 1st! April Fools Day! Surely the Arashi fandom's gonna be lit today. Haha. I don't really do much jokes during this day - or at least, it's been years since I last did something for April Fools. (Omegle adventures with pals & joking around in our group/s lmao) The month of March was very stressful, so I might join in on the fun today. And oh! It's been a year since I join the fandom, which is great. Again, I've met so many lovely people over the past year. <3

I haven't really said that much about this (or fully acknowledged it) in real life or online, but I have lots of plans this summer. It's not really in the summer vacation way, but things are going to change. I don't wanna get my hopes up though, still, because results won't be out 'till next week. But ahhhh fingers crossed! I will also do my best to get to where I want to be; where I'll be happy. There have been stuff that I'm nervous about now, but as long as the major thing I want, gets crossed off of my list. I'll take it.

ANYWAY. Enough of my shit, I hope everyone will experience an awesome month ahead! I'm so excited for Aiba's new drama this month (and, of course, Arashi's new single!)

(here have so Junba @ me lmao)

A year!

Mar. 30th, 2017 07:00 am
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It's been a year since I "officially" became an Arashian. I haven't been in the fandom long like my fellow Arashians, but over the past year... it has been amazing. Not to shit on my other - past - fandoms, but I've never felt so comfortable around my co-fans like I did with this fandom. Everyone is just so nice! I adore this fandom so much.

My "journey" to this fandom was a rather odd one, to be honest. I was Jun-baited, technically, over HanaDan. And when I watched it years ago for the first time, I didn't really bother much with Jun, but was in love with the opening song of the drama (which was Wish) I didn't even know Jun was in Arashi back then!! Since then, I've this sort of tradition to binge-watch that drama (both seasons!) every year or two and I have Wish in my music during those years. And when I did watch again last year, March 30th (today), according to Twitter (x) (x) (why did I link this shit lmao @ me) I thought to myself that I should probably learn more about them. Long story short: I watched this performance, listened to Fukkatsu Love, Bittersweet, learned their names (coughs Aiba became my ichiban coughs), found fandom members on Twitter, watched their variety shows/concerts/etc and fell IN LOVE with the group.

Man... I just feel so happy with this group and its fandom. ♡
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Alright look, I said I'm going to make this journal alive, so I'm doing just that. Warning: Spoilers. MAJOR spoilers. I'm incoherent rn lol why would you even read this

shitpost )
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It's that start of the month post from me again! I almost forgot. Lol. This month stresses me out already as it's the month of deadlines and etc. It's also the month of making important decisions, which makes me overthink. Summer is around the corner here and I can already feel the hot season. Truthfully, I just want to take a break, spend a few days sleeping or just read a book or something. I'm so tired.

I may or may not watch Logan today. If I do watch it (either today or tomorrow) I might do a little... review? Haha. Trainspotting 2 is also out in cinemas here but that movie is only exclusive on selected - far - cinemas here, which sucks. But hey, I guess I'll wait for the DVD.

This is a short entry*notreally*... oh gosh I just hope that by the end of the month, things would be sorted out... (i.e my life) Also March 30th, from what I've read in my tweets last year, is my first year as a fan of Arashi. More years to come.

I hope everyone has a great month ahead. Cheers.
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Title: Post-It Notes
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: Oneshot
Pairing: Jun x Aiba a.k.a Junba a.k.a denial ship
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Jun's barista likes to leave post-it notes.
Notes: FIRST ARASHI FIC FOR THE YEAR 2017. WOOHOO. After 2 months of writer's block, I'm finally out! (Oh I hope I didn't jinx it. Ha!) Starting my "fic year" with Junba... the denial ship who makes me feel so much. This was random tho, so I guess my fics are just conjured up... randomly (the fics I usually finish are made up randomly, rather than the fics I plan out thoroughly. Ugh) Unbeta'ed. Sorry for any mistakes, and as always, comments are appreciated! :D <3
Enjoy your coffee! )
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Or so says Christian from Moulin Rouge. (couldn't think of a proper title lmao) Anyhoo, it's that start of the month entry post from me. I did skip a month, January. I forgot. But it's kinda understandable (to me at least) since I was busy with family/New Year stuff. It's the month of February---the month of, as they say, Love.

For the month of January though, all I ever did was, as usual, laze around; stress over deadlines and all that jazz. New Years was meh, slept early on New Years eve, then got up early to attend a family reunion the following day.

I got back into reading, which is great (I thank a friend for recommending books and pulling me out of my reading slump) I'm reading Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda right now (also reading Attachments and Hamilton on the side). The story of it is great, but the only downside I notice is that one of the characters remind me of someone in the past. (Move on, N. Geez.) It's a bit difficult to read a few parts, but hey, whatever gets me going, right. I've also started watching the series Mr. Robot, I'm at episode 3 now of the first season, and I'm liking it a lot (granted, I only checked it out because I started liking Christian Slater lmao)

Hopefully this month turns out well. The last few months---or year---have been more of a routine to me, which sucks. At least I'm doing a few things out of it by now.

To end this crappy entry, I've greeted him already on Twitter but: Belated Happy Birthday, Sakurai Sho!

And! have a great month ahead!


Jan. 4th, 2017 08:25 pm
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It's been a while, eh? First of all: Happy New Year! (I'm 4 days late.) I was actually planning on doing my "Start of the month" entries seriously this year, but it's only the first month, and I'm already late.

Anyhoo, I'd just like to pop in with a greeting, but that doesn't feel like me now, does it?

Truthfully, I've been contemplating moving to dreamwidth (along with other LJ users) and start anew (or perhaps move my stuff from here to there lol if I'm not lazy) I already have an account and all (Head over to aranix <--) but don't really feel like moving? I find it weird, but then again, I'm an indecisive bish LMAO.

I may post future download links there (if I ever get my hands on stuff you can request if you want my specialty are OSTs lol jk) as for fanfiction, I haven't really done any these days, so I'm still not sure.

So for now, I may pop in here, move a few stuff over there... Mhm... If you guys already have accounts, feel free to tell me so I can add you there!
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 Since LJ isn't looking so well anymore, lots of users are moving here, it seems. Not sure if I should go along with it (I know, I already have this here, but I may or may not move here completely. Depends, really.) Truthfully, I'm still at a question mark ( ? ) with the whole situation, but reading posts here and there about the matter, I'm slowly getting it? (Am I that slow. Lmao!) 

I might start to move some stuff here from my livejournal. Depends on my laziness. If I don't, then that means laziness took over me and I will start anew here. Haaaa~

Aiba Day!

Dec. 24th, 2016 08:41 am
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Gonna make this short because I might ramble on and get all unnecessarily emo. Haha.

Happy birthday, Aiba Masaki! I can still remember when I first saw him, smirking behind Jun as he talked on VSA. My fangirl heart was immediately set on him. (*Keito voice* Sorry, Jun.) His smile can simply light up my day, and his laughter can light up an entire city, basically. I've no regrets having him as my ichiban.

Looking forward to watch him host Kouhaku and, of course, his other activities for next year!

Anyhoo. I still can't believe he's 34 now. Lmao.
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Title: Peace and Quiet
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Satoshi x Sho a.k.a Yama
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Satoshi likes to nap at their school's music room, but little did he know, he wasn't the only one there.
Note: It's funny how I can write this in less than an hour, but take forever trying to write a one shot for my otp ;; anyhoo, this is a sort of birthday gift for [livejournal.com profile] nin_nin15 Yo! Happy birthday, bro! Here, have some not-so-random fluffy Yama! (wait no, this was really random and sorta rushed and messy. Need to get back on my phase T^T)
This is my usual spot )

Aiba Month!

Dec. 1st, 2016 03:35 pm
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it's Aiba's month! Sunshine Masaki! Aiba Masaki! (*´▽`*)

It's that start of the month post again. Lmao. How is it December already?! It feels like it was only yesterday when I posted that Ohnovember start of the month post. Haha! Anyway. The year is coming to an end, and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm (surprisingly) getting into the Christmas spirit and all that, but there are still stuff I need to sort out before the year ends.

Buuuut the main reason why I feel excited to make this post is to say: Sunshine Masaki's gonna host Kouhaku! (I'm sure everyone knows already lmao) although, the sad part is that Arashi won't be performing in JCD. :(

Alright yada yada yada...  ( ̄▽ ̄)

I hope for everyone to have a great month ahead! (That including Christmas & New Year)

Here, have some Aiba!

*It's rare for me to use kaomojis lmao sorry
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Title: The Right Moment
Author: [livejournal.com profile] nidesux
Length: Oneshot
Pairing: Jun x Masaki a.k.a Junba a.k.a my not-so-denial ship.
Genre: Fluff, some angst here and there, and tiny bits of comedy.
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Summary: Small series of "waiting too long 'till the last moment". Different times, different universes, same fucked up decision that can only be broken by Matsumoto Jun.
Note: NOW. I've writen tons of random trash here, but this has got to be the most random out of everything. I hope no one is confused with this, though. But to make things clear: the first part is from Kiiroi Namida, second part is from Shinjuku Boy Detectives (That Junba action movie from 1998) and the third part is... well, just made up. Even so, everything that's in here is pure fiction. I did make a few changes here and there, meaning it's not as accurate as it was on film or anything. Hence the term... fanfiction. Thanks for reading! ><

Shoichi-san, Sosuke = Aiba
Yuji, Kentaro = Jun.
Other mentioned characters aren't so important (sorrynotsorry)
Waiting sucks )
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Just like to share Arashi's performances last night on Best Artist! (I suck at screencaps so please just bear with me lmao)

(Junba screencap for I Seek because I'm a biased bish)
Best Artist )

Comment if taking/there are problems with any of the links/files. :)
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Well what do you know, I'm back with downloads. Hehe. A batch download, to be exact! I'm sure many of you have already downloaded at least one soundtrack from the three, but to those who haven't and are having trouble finding (I made sure to search up downloads for these first... and hell was it difficult! *dead links?*) here 'ya go!

(Also, I'm gonna make it a goal(?) to upload rare OSTs for dramas/movies. Like what I did for Debikuro-kun.)Douzo~~!! )

Please comment if taking/there are any problems with the links or files. :)
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