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I never thought I'd post that much of my trash a.k.a fics here that I'd be needing a masterpost, so here it is! [click on the cut to see the fics~]

Update: 11/16/2016 - Some fics are f-locked now. And by "some", I mean the ones I feel embarrassed to let people read publicly... meaning the embarrassment has kicked in.


[Chaptered; Fluff & Humor; PG-13] Wonders of Social Media (Virtual) -completed- ("In the world of social media, millions of people are online each day. And Aiba Masaki was suddenly followed on Instagram by a certain Matsumoto Jun")
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | EXTRA

[Drabble; Fluff & Comfort; G] Sunset - Whenever the sun rises and sets, that's where Jun is, admiring it in the best way he can.

[One Shot; War AU; Angst; PG-R] All the Smiles - In the midst of war, the smile of the person you cherish will always give you light. *f-locked*

[One Shot; Fluff & some angst; PG] On the 7th Step - Every 365 days. A year. On the 7th day of the 7th month, waiting on the 7th step.

[One Shot; Angst & Drama; R] Anywhere but Here - There's nothing more perfect than starting anew with the person you love. *f-locked*

[Drabble; Fluff; G] Routine - Whenever Jun's day seemed so gloomy, he has Aiba to light it up.


[One Shot; Fluff & a little bit of humor; PG-13] Suits - Ohno's Tailoring is one of the most well-known tailor shops in Japan today. Sakurai Sho, an attorney at a local law firm, has decided to get a suit made.

[Drabble; Fluff & a little but of humor; G] Take it Off - Different takes on the "clothes-matching" incident

[Drabble; Fluff & Friendship; G] Bus Stops - A routine that started with a smile and nod, while at a bus stop.

[Drabble; Angst & Suspense; R] "Oh so Beautiful" - His beautiful, is what his mind kept chanting. So beautiful.

[One Shot; Fluff; G] Secret Wishes - Whenever people talk about wishes during Tanabata, Sho has only one thing in his mind.

[One Shot; Angst & Drama; PG] Erase - In Ohno Satoshi's Memory Department, one can pay to playback memories and regain shattered ones.

[Drabble; Fluff; G] Kiss Me - A kiss is all he wants. Yet he keeps using the same excuse, over and over again.

[One Shot; AU & Fluff; PG] His Love for Candies - Masaki asks Sho to help him go trick-or-treating with a few children he's babysitting. Sho claims that he's only doing it for the candies.


[Chaptered; Fluff & Drama; PG-13] Colorless -completed- ("In a world of gray, an artist like Ohno Satoshi would crave to know what color is.")
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

[One Shot; Fluff; PG-13] A Piece of Cake - Liking someone can sometimes be a piece of cake. Different takes on Satoshi and Masaki's relationship that involves cakes.


[One Shot; Fluff; G] Setting In - It was a very memorable moving day for Aiba Masaki.

[One Shot; Fluff; G] Missed Messages - Missed messages can end in misunderstandings. Especially when it leads to Ninomiya Kazunari out in the cold.

[Drabble; Fluff & Bits of humor; G] パソコン (Personal Computer) - Aiba Masaki's not the best when it comes to working with computers.

[One Shot; Fluff, Romance & a bit of humor/crack; PG] Accidentally - Kazunari gets dragged into a horror house by his best friend. And as much as he denies it, he's just not a big fan of horror houses.


[One Shot; Crack & Fluff; PG] Poké Balls - Kazunari finds amusement when it comes to Ohno and Poké Balls

[One Shot; Drama & Romance; R] Sakura Ame - No matter how many times he tells himself that he no longer cares---that it's the last---his fickle heart just can't seem to let go of a certain Ohno Satoshi. *f-locked*

[One Shot; Romance, Drama & Psychological; R] Client 0017 - In Ohno Satoshi's Memory Department, one can pay to playback memories and regain shattered ones. But some clients are more clever than the others.

[One Shot; Friendship; OT5; G] Still the Same - Because even after 17 years, they'd still be the same.

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