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 Hello! I ripped the first disc of Are You Happy? con into mp3 since I had some time in my hands last night (I just uploaded it now lmao) I don't know if I'll rip the second disc... but now I kinda feel like it? Haha. 

The mp3 files are tagged and have the Are You Happy DVD cover as its, well, cover art. (I hope no one minds that?)

Here's the link! ---> MF 

EDIT: Here's the link to Disc 2!! ---> MF

Comment if taking and if there's any problems with the files. :D 

Random though: MILES AWAY RUINED ME.
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Just like to share Arashi's performances last night on Best Artist! (I suck at screencaps so please just bear with me lmao)

(Junba screencap for I Seek because I'm a biased bish)
Best Artist )

Comment if taking/there are problems with any of the links/files. :)
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Well what do you know, I'm back with downloads. Hehe. A batch download, to be exact! I'm sure many of you have already downloaded at least one soundtrack from the three, but to those who haven't and are having trouble finding (I made sure to search up downloads for these first... and hell was it difficult! *dead links?*) here 'ya go!

(Also, I'm gonna make it a goal(?) to upload rare OSTs for dramas/movies. Like what I did for Debikuro-kun.)Douzo~~!! )

Please comment if taking/there are any problems with the links or files. :)
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Hello! I've been listening to "Don't You Get It?" on repeat since last night, and I ripped the song from the Mステ performance. Anyway! If anyone wants it/is too lazy to rip the song themselves, here 'ya go!

Download - MEGA
(5.5 MB)

I did tell myself I won't be listening/watching anything from the album until it's released, but who am I kidding? Haha! Do comment if taking/there are any problems with the link/file! 
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Hello, hello. I've finished subbing other performances from Japonism DVD. And surprisingly, they're (The six I've subbed) all in good quality. (Though I will be including the other performances I've put on other entry posts, just to make this as a little "compilation") I actually hesitated in subbing this because a few other subbers have already subbed both of the DVDs, but hey, I was feeling bored over the long weekend... though it took me a while to finish because I got distracted watchingant-man and if anyone wants the cuts of performances, feel free! Please comment if there are problems with the links/files. :) [Also, this was requested by [ profile] junaibanina Hello!]

La cha cha la cha cha~ )
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*Updated 9/6/16 with HQ of Aiba's solo*

Well I finally finished subbing the rest of the solos + In the Room (sadly I can't/won't sub other performances like Kimi e no omoi 'cuz I got busy just as I finished this. But do feel free to request? I'll try to get to them >< *also I'm not that good at this lol*)

Anyway. Under the cut you'll see downloads to the other members' solos. Sadly, Ohno's only had the decent quality, so I apologize for that! I did the best I could to look for more raws but... :( (if you manage to find one please do tell me still!) comment if taking/there are any problems with the links/files! :)

Douzo~ )
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So I was bored (and close to dying 'cuz my copy still isn't here... but I already watched the concert lol the first disc at least) so I decided to sub Arashi's Masquerade and Sakurai Sho's solo, Rolling Days, from Japonism DVD. Sadly, they're only MQ. Comment if taking/If there are any problems with the links/files. :)
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(Miracle Debikuro-kun no koi to mahou)

I don't really know if anyone has ever shared the original soundtrack before (and it's still a few months away from Christmas) but here it is if anyone wants it! (Since I've noticed how hard it is to find a download) Seeing how someone had shared the movie, it made me think "Why not share the soundtrack?" lol. It's going to be two years since the movie was released, huh? I really liked the movie and the soundtrack (I'm a sucker for Christmas-y melodies and such) Please do leave a comment if taking/if there are problems with the link or passwords.

Download~ )
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