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Just like to share Arashi's performances last night on Best Artist! (I suck at screencaps so please just bear with me lmao)

(Junba screencap for I Seek because I'm a biased bish)
Best Artist )

Comment if taking/there are problems with any of the links/files. :)
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Hello! I've been listening to "Don't You Get It?" on repeat since last night, and I ripped the song from the Mステ performance. Anyway! If anyone wants it/is too lazy to rip the song themselves, here 'ya go!

Download - MEGA
(5.5 MB)

I did tell myself I won't be listening/watching anything from the album until it's released, but who am I kidding? Haha! Do comment if taking/there are any problems with the link/file! 
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I can't believe it's the 15th already. Aha. And I most certainly cannot believe it's been 17 years since Arashi debuted. True, I've only been an "official" fan for a while, but it makes me proud, knowing how they stayed strong and together for almost 2 decades now. I actually read this blog post this morning, about the hardships that they've encountered at different points of their careers (especially from when they debuted up 'till 2005/6), and again, it makes me proud knowing that despite all of that—they're here. They stayed together and strived hard to get to where they are now. And man, just look at how they've become!

I don't want this to be all sappy and all, so here are a few gifs of the 5 adorkables who won our hearts. Happy 17th anniversary, Arashi! ♡

幸せをありがとうございます, 嵐 ! 5x17
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Title: Still the Same
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi
Length: One Shot
Genre: Friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Because even after 17 years, they'd still be the same.
Note: A little something for Arashi's 17th anniversary tomorrow! 5x17! This came from the prompt "Write about three people walking on a bridge at the beginning" but I did it with a little twist. Lmao.
Say, do you think we'd still be like this in the future? )

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