Aiba Day!

Dec. 24th, 2016 08:41 am
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Gonna make this short because I might ramble on and get all unnecessarily emo. Haha.

Happy birthday, Aiba Masaki! I can still remember when I first saw him, smirking behind Jun as he talked on VSA. My fangirl heart was immediately set on him. (*Keito voice* Sorry, Jun.) His smile can simply light up my day, and his laughter can light up an entire city, basically. I've no regrets having him as my ichiban.

Looking forward to watch him host Kouhaku and, of course, his other activities for next year!

Anyhoo. I still can't believe he's 34 now. Lmao.
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(Miracle Debikuro-kun no koi to mahou)

I don't really know if anyone has ever shared the original soundtrack before (and it's still a few months away from Christmas) but here it is if anyone wants it! (Since I've noticed how hard it is to find a download) Seeing how someone had shared the movie, it made me think "Why not share the soundtrack?" lol. It's going to be two years since the movie was released, huh? I really liked the movie and the soundtrack (I'm a sucker for Christmas-y melodies and such) Please do leave a comment if taking/if there are problems with the link or passwords.

Download~ )

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