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Title: Last Minute Painting
Author: [ profile] nidesux
Length: Drabble
Pairing/Characters: Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho. (Yama)
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Satoshi wonders what the man sees in that one particular painting.
Note: Random. Hella random. (Blame the new segment on Shiyagare) First Yama I've done, though! Hopefully I can slowly go back to my regular pace of writing trash fics. Thanks for reading! <3
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Title: Client 0017
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: One Shot
Pairing: Satoshi x Kazunari a.k.a Ohmiya. (Mentioned Sakuraiba & Junba)
Genre: Romance, Drama (With happy ending!), Psychological.
Rating: R
Warning/s: Mentioned disorder/s (such as depression), mentioned abuse, loss.
Summary: In Ohno Satoshi's Memory Department, one can pay to playback memories and regain shattered ones. But some clients are more clever than the others.
Note: Remember that Memory fic I wrote months ago for Sakuraiba? Nino was only mentioned there, so of course I just had to make a backstory (and since I read through the comments again and got a few ideas there) This can work as a stand-alone (sorta) but I do recommend you reading the "first part" if you haven't because it might get a bit confusing near the end (shameless advertising lmao!) Also, there is this unanswered question I left off at the first part, that may or may not be answered here. Ohoho. Unbeta'ed. Fiction-desu~!

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Nov. 1st, 2016 08:13 am
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It's that "start of the month" post from me again. And it's been half a year since I started doing this. (Albeit I skipped two months. Lol)

It's Ohnovember!! Meaning there's one month left for this year. It makes me go "What, really?!" thinking about it, to be honest. Anyway, there weren't that much happening last month (for me, at least) and the thing that goes/tops my list of "happenings" is Are you Happy? album release. My copy hasn't arrived yet, though. I doubt it will arrive this week since it's the holidays here (maybe Thursday or Friday this week or next week. Standard shipping OTL) Oh, I guess meeting an online friend (Oct. 29th) can be considered as a "happening" too. Lmao. Ack—truthfully, I hate not having that much to talk about in posts like this. It just goes to show that my life is a "routine"

That aside, as I've said: it's Ohnovember!! And my icon is adorable lmao. Vampire Satoshi! I can't believe that man is going to turn a year older again on the 26th... wow. Also--I'm not one to get overly-excited over this since I don't really do much to celebrate, but hey--my birthday is on Tuesday. Which sucks because it's a weekday and we have this event to attend for a class.

To end this, I hope you guys have an awesome month ahead! Here, have some Ohno! ♡

Now I'm off to watch some old Arashi variety shows!
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Title: Accidentally (In Love)
Author: [ profile] nidesux
Length: One Shot
Pairing: Masaki x Kazunari a.k.a Aimiya
Genre: Fluff, Romance... alright, a bit of humor/crack.
Rating: PG (for language)
Summary: Kazunari gets dragged into a horror house by his best friend. And as much as he denies it, he's just not a big fan of horror houses.
Note: Happy Halloween! I actually almost threw this story away, but I again saw the prompt that inspired this so... behold! (Btw couldn't think of a better title lmao that reference. As for the scary effect... I tried.)

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Title: His Love for Candies
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: One Shot
Pairing: Sho x Masaki a.k.a Sakuraba
Genre: AU, Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Masaki asks Sho to help him go trick-or-treating with a few children he's babysitting. Sho claims that he's only doing it for the candies.
Note: I remember talking to a friend a few months ago about a Halloween SA fic. This was supposed to be supernatural but I suck at that, so here's some fluff instead! It's a bit early, but the whole month is basically Halloween... so Happy Halloween! (Oh, and some Childminder feels LOL) Dedicated to said friend, [ profile] sushi4ever Mari-san! :3 Also... I've noticed something. It's been 2 months since I wrote something for Sakuraba? Oh gosh.

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Title: パソコン (Pasokon/Personal Computer)
Author:[ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Pairing:Technically none--- but alright. Aimiya.
Genre:Fluff, bit of humor.
Summary:Aiba Masaki's not the best when it comes to working with computers.
Note:I had some Aimiya dose 'cuz of last night's Shiyagare episode, I just had to write this. Hehe~. (Oh and I'm not really sure with the, er, context(?) of Aiba having no clue with the computer and some of the parts aren't as accurate... but hey. This is fanfiction. [shrug emoji here]) This was... randomly conjured up. OTL

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Hello! I've been listening to "Don't You Get It?" on repeat since last night, and I ripped the song from the Mステ performance. Anyway! If anyone wants it/is too lazy to rip the song themselves, here 'ya go!

Download - MEGA
(5.5 MB)

I did tell myself I won't be listening/watching anything from the album until it's released, but who am I kidding? Haha! Do comment if taking/there are any problems with the link/file! 


Oct. 1st, 2016 07:43 am
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It's October 1st here, so obviously this is my start of the month post again. I'm gonna start it by saying: How the hell is it October already? Unbelievable.

But for some reason, the moment I went online and realized that it is October now, I can't help but think about the elections (though I'm not in the US or am American) starting on the 8th of this month up 'till my birthday next month. Because I'm that low-key into politics lol kidding. Influence from relatives living there, probably.

Anyhoo. I ended the month of September by paying stuff so I'm starting this month being broke af. I don't really have that much going on for this month. But school-wise, we'll be having this sports week thing on the 12th and basketball game on the 4th. Exams too. What sucks is that we don't even get a break this month. It tires me out just by thinking about it.

But hey! Are You Happy? album will be released this month! On the 26th! So that's something I'm looking forward to. It's going to be like a gift for the hard work I'm gonna be doing. (Yeah right.)

I hope everyone will have an awesome month ahead! ♡

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Title: Missed Messages
Alt. Title: Baby it's cold outside (lol I just had to)
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: One Shot
Characters: Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari a.k.a Aimiya
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Missed messages can end in misunderstandings. Especially when it leads to Ninomiya Kazunari out in the cold.
Note: Okay so... this was conjured up randomly. I suddenly missed writing in "this" kind of format. The chat format, I mean. Hehe. Comments appreciated, as always! :D
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Title: A Piece of Cake
Alternate title: Ohno and Aiba's Cake Adventures
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: One Shot
Pairing: Satoshi x Masaki a.k.a Ohba/Tennen, my smol&tol ship
Genre: Fluff, AU
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Liking someone can sometimes be a piece of cake. Different takes on Satoshi and Masaki's relationship that involves cakes.
Note: Because [ profile] nin_nin15 and I have been showering each other with tennen feels. This was supposed to be a short drabble but it turned out to be 2k+ words. Lol.

Wanna go for another slice of cake? )
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I can't believe it's the 15th already. Aha. And I most certainly cannot believe it's been 17 years since Arashi debuted. True, I've only been an "official" fan for a while, but it makes me proud, knowing how they stayed strong and together for almost 2 decades now. I actually read this blog post this morning, about the hardships that they've encountered at different points of their careers (especially from when they debuted up 'till 2005/6), and again, it makes me proud knowing that despite all of that—they're here. They stayed together and strived hard to get to where they are now. And man, just look at how they've become!

I don't want this to be all sappy and all, so here are a few gifs of the 5 adorkables who won our hearts. Happy 17th anniversary, Arashi! ♡

幸せをありがとうございます, 嵐 ! 5x17
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Title: Still the Same
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi
Length: One Shot
Genre: Friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Because even after 17 years, they'd still be the same.
Note: A little something for Arashi's 17th anniversary tomorrow! 5x17! This came from the prompt "Write about three people walking on a bridge at the beginning" but I did it with a little twist. Lmao.
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Hello, hello. I've finished subbing other performances from Japonism DVD. And surprisingly, they're (The six I've subbed) all in good quality. (Though I will be including the other performances I've put on other entry posts, just to make this as a little "compilation") I actually hesitated in subbing this because a few other subbers have already subbed both of the DVDs, but hey, I was feeling bored over the long weekend... though it took me a while to finish because I got distracted watchingant-man and if anyone wants the cuts of performances, feel free! Please comment if there are problems with the links/files. :) [Also, this was requested by [ profile] junaibanina Hello!]

La cha cha la cha cha~ )
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Title: Wonders of Social Media (Virtual) [EXTRA]
Author: [ profile] nidesux
Length: One Shot
Pairing: Jun x Masaki a.k.a JunBa a.k.a my denial ship
Genre: AU, fluff, humor.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In the world of social media, millions of people are online each day. And Aiba Masaki was suddenly followed on Instagram by a certain Matsumoto Jun. They became friends, they met up, got together, still the not-so-subtle flirtings don't end just there.

NOTE: OKAY OKAY SO. This is random, I'm sure. And it's surprisingly funny how I can conjure this up in no time while I struggled so hard with the last part of the "original" (?) series. Anyway. This is a "sneak peek" into the Model/Teacher combi~ :3 I guess this is also a way for me to finally have closure and move on from this ("Now that, my friend, is what they call closure." anyone know where this is from? If you do, hello hello ;D) *Let's face it, we need more Junba*

Chapter index: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //
Okaeri )


Sep. 3rd, 2016 06:44 am
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Title: Sunset
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Jun x Masaki a.k.a Junba a.k.a my denial ship.
Genre: Fluff, comfort
Rating: G
Summary: Whenever the sun rises and sets, that's where Jun is, admiring it in the best way he can.

Even the sun has to set )

For Dream~

Sep. 1st, 2016 05:10 am
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Surprise, surprise: it's that start of the month post from me again.

August Recap? J A P O N I S M the wait, the frustration, the feels and all that stuff. Ore no Chiba date anniversary [eyes emoji] and of course アツ潤 I mean, 松潤's birthday just the other day (That was lame of me wasn't it) Anyhoo. I did a lot this August. Managed to start and finish some trash and actually felt proud of it, etc, etc...

As the month starts, I realize that there are two months until my birthday, which made me go "what?" because last I checked it was only April. Aha. But that aside, I guess the most important event for an Arashian like me, is Arashi's 17th anniversary on the 15th. 5x17 yoooo. Their new single, Power of the Paradise, will be out a day before that! Just watched the preview of the PV actually.

Here, have some cameraman Aiba to start the month! ♡
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Title: Wonders of Social Media (Virtual) [8/8]
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: Chaptered.
Pairing: Jun x Masaki a.k.a Junba a.k.a my "denial ship"
Genre: AU, fluff, humor
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In the world of social media, millions of people are online each day. And Aiba Masaki was suddenly followed on Instagram by a certain Matsumoto Jun
NOTE: Gosh. I thought I won't have the chance to post this today 'cause I only started on this yesterday (I know, that was bad.) and quit halfway and decided to post it Friday since I might hate it when I post it right away without thinking of the flow clearly. But thankfully (thanks @ the junba tag on Tumblr), I managed to get through this. I'd like to say first... I never thought that this will be a chaptered fic. This was something I just randomly typed in the waiting room of a hospital because the doctor was taking so long! (It was the day of that Junba IG photoshoot, I think. Lol) But anyway. Thanks so much for the people who followed this "trash" of mine. Haha! It was a first for me to actually finish something, and it was very fun! Anyhoo, happy birthday to Matsumoto Jun! <3 Gonna miss writing this tbh.

Random: My copy of Japonism just arrived and I'm still in shock lol have you guys got yours already? (I'm sure you have. OTL) I haven't watched the second disc of it though.

And again, thanks so much!

Last of the model/teacher pair~ )

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*Updated 9/6/16 with HQ of Aiba's solo*

Well I finally finished subbing the rest of the solos + In the Room (sadly I can't/won't sub other performances like Kimi e no omoi 'cuz I got busy just as I finished this. But do feel free to request? I'll try to get to them >< *also I'm not that good at this lol*)

Anyway. Under the cut you'll see downloads to the other members' solos. Sadly, Ohno's only had the decent quality, so I apologize for that! I did the best I could to look for more raws but... :( (if you manage to find one please do tell me still!) comment if taking/there are any problems with the links/files! :)

Douzo~ )
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So I was bored (and close to dying 'cuz my copy still isn't here... but I already watched the concert lol the first disc at least) so I decided to sub Arashi's Masquerade and Sakurai Sho's solo, Rolling Days, from Japonism DVD. Sadly, they're only MQ. Comment if taking/If there are any problems with the links/files. :)
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Title: Wonders of Social Media (Virtual) [7/8]
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi
Length: Chaptered.
Pairing: Jun x Masaki a.k.a Junba
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Fluff, Humor.
Summary: In the world of social media, millions of people are online each day. And Aiba Masaki was suddenly followed on Instagram by a certain Matsumoto Jun.
NOTE: Early update again because I'll be busy the next couple of days (oh and I'm going to stay away from spoilers of Japonism DVD lmao) Enjoy~. ( :( because next week it'd be the last.)
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