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May. 1st, 2017 06:45 pm
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It's the month of May! (Oh, the amount of "It's gonna be May(me)" memes I've seen all the past week) A lot of things will be happening this month for me, and I'm both nervous and excited (I've been blabbering about my "May" plans for a while now, I apologize.) Though there's a catch: I might miss the first month and a half of classes this June/July. (I'll be surprised if anyone guesses what's up lol)

I guess the highlight of April for me was my trash fic winning "Best Junba" for the Arashi fic awards 2016. Like, seriously, even though that fic is dubbed trash by me, it made me happy knowing people actually nominated and voted for that. So yay and thanks to those who did! :D

Anyway, as of now... these past few days, I've been obsessing over Assassin's Creed (Syndicate) on PS4. A bit late, yeah, but my friend finally got me into buying two(!) games of the franchise and seeing what's up. I gotta say: I hate how much I'm loving it, despite the damn glitches (Oh, Ubisoft.) I actually have lots of games to finish, and a few I have to play all over again (Hello, Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5) and the thing is, I keep buying new games, which is why I'm so broke now.

To sum this trash entry up (this is a bit last minute now, huh lol), I hope for everyone to have a great month ahead! :)

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