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It's April 1st! April Fools Day! Surely the Arashi fandom's gonna be lit today. Haha. I don't really do much jokes during this day - or at least, it's been years since I last did something for April Fools. (Omegle adventures with pals & joking around in our group/s lmao) The month of March was very stressful, so I might join in on the fun today. And oh! It's been a year since I join the fandom, which is great. Again, I've met so many lovely people over the past year. <3

I haven't really said that much about this (or fully acknowledged it) in real life or online, but I have lots of plans this summer. It's not really in the summer vacation way, but things are going to change. I don't wanna get my hopes up though, still, because results won't be out 'till next week. But ahhhh fingers crossed! I will also do my best to get to where I want to be; where I'll be happy. There have been stuff that I'm nervous about now, but as long as the major thing I want, gets crossed off of my list. I'll take it.

ANYWAY. Enough of my shit, I hope everyone will experience an awesome month ahead! I'm so excited for Aiba's new drama this month (and, of course, Arashi's new single!)

(here have so Junba @ me lmao)
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