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Alright look, I said I'm going to make this journal alive, so I'm doing just that. Warning: Spoilers. MAJOR spoilers. I'm incoherent rn lol why would you even read this

I remember myself being so overwhelmed on my way home last December, when I watched Rogue One (because we - the people who've watched at least - know what went down) and I guess, in a way, that feeling came rushing back to me today. I'm not that much of a X-Men fan as I've only grown to like them this year, and have watched all the films this year. I know. I'm fucking late. I gotta admit though, that when a friend of mine made me watch the trailer of Logan when it came out, I grew curious of it. Still, I never bothered to watch the X-Men films because of its infamous "timeline"

But enough about my journey to the series. Logan was awesome. A lot of people liked the previous film of the Wolverine trilogy, The Wolverine (2013), but sadly, I'm not one of those people. Wait, no. I liked it too, but not in the I-Will-Defend-This-Film-Because-It-Was-So-Awesome-It-Ruined-Me way... as some people do. Again. Anyway,

Logan was awesome. So if you happen to read this entry of mine I'd just like to say, Why are you reading this piece of shit lmao. Kidding. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven't watched the movie yet, stay away. I just want to yell into my journal okay? Okay. Logan, for the 3rd time, was awesome. Action-packed, as always. We have James "Logan" Howlett being his usual lonewolf self. AND THEN BANG. We have X-23 a.k.a Laura appearing in his life. I gotta say, I wasn't expecting to see Laura in the way she was shown in the film. The first time, I mean. Nevertheless, those not-so-coincidental meetings of Logan and Laura, were nice. Charles Xavier was in the film too, and as someone who stayed away from released clips/trailers beside the first official trailer *the one my friend showed me*, I know Charles was ill, but him being a telepath and all *alright I sorta cheated here, I didn't watch released clips from the film but I did watch the Graham Norton Show with Sir Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen just the other day, and found that Charles' illness affected his mind, since he is a powerful telepath... you get the picture* made him this sort of fugitive. Because he's that dangerous. There's also this one other character, Caliban, who, well, nags Logan. They're like an old married couple, alright? I mean, the Caliban in Logan is different from the Caliban who was in X-Men: Apocalypse. I liked Caliban in there too. Sadly, he didn't make it to the end.

Now onto Laura. X-23. Logan's daughter. OH BOY just thinking of her character makes me remember the ending, but I'll get to that later asdfghjkl. Laura was fucking amazing, as we would expect from her lol. They did her very well despite the age. But I do find it better that she's younger in the film. The whole "transformation" video in the film was brutal. Kudos to the director. She didn't speak much the first half of the film though.

Is it weird that I wasn't all that affected when Charles died/was killed by the other Logan? I mean, he's my favorite character, but despite his murder being out-of-the-blue, to me it's just... I just... went, Oh, okay? Shit. What fucks me up though is that we never got to know what the hell happened - what the hell did Charles did to the other X-Men, to the point where Logan wouldn't tell him, wouldn't let him remember! But of course in his last moments, Charles would remember but we won't know what happened anymore because whoops he's dead. (Tho I do have a clue... coughs Charles' seizures? at its early stages? Ordinary people can withstand his seizures by 2029, so i guess in the first stages... the X-Men couldn't... and just died? And because Logan is powerful/can regenerate... he didn't die?)

Now the ending.. holy shit I thought I wouldn't cry at all. But I did. Not in the sobbing way but a few tears rolled down. (Dramatic, I know.) I just... the ending. I already knew what was going to happen (since it's Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine film and all) but still! God. The line... I've heard it so many times in so many movies already, but hearing it in this movie ruined me so much. So. Logan being a lonewolf and all, doesn't have a family, wants to be alone, all the people he cares about dies so he doesn't want to get attached. Logan using the line "So this is how it feels like" as he lies there, all bloody, with Laura crying beside him, trying to get him to HANG ON. But of course there's no more hope. And of course the "I won't call you daddy until something dramatic happens/the end" part.

To summarize this shitpost of mine: Logan was awesome. It ruined me. I will miss Hugh Jackman as Logan, but I am looking forward to the future movies where we get to see a new actor take on the role.

(Also. Lastly... HAHAHA. There's this game. The Last of Us. And it reminds me so much of Logan and Laura. The main character in the game, Joel, resembles Logan a lot. I don't know, I just find it amusing.)

I need to chill. I feel so tired.

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