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It's that start of the month post from me again! I almost forgot. Lol. This month stresses me out already as it's the month of deadlines and etc. It's also the month of making important decisions, which makes me overthink. Summer is around the corner here and I can already feel the hot season. Truthfully, I just want to take a break, spend a few days sleeping or just read a book or something. I'm so tired.

I may or may not watch Logan today. If I do watch it (either today or tomorrow) I might do a little... review? Haha. Trainspotting 2 is also out in cinemas here but that movie is only exclusive on selected - far - cinemas here, which sucks. But hey, I guess I'll wait for the DVD.

This is a short entry*notreally*... oh gosh I just hope that by the end of the month, things would be sorted out... (i.e my life) Also March 30th, from what I've read in my tweets last year, is my first year as a fan of Arashi. More years to come.

I hope everyone has a great month ahead. Cheers.

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