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Title: Post-It Notes
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: Oneshot
Pairing: Jun x Aiba a.k.a Junba a.k.a denial ship
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Jun's barista likes to leave post-it notes.
Notes: FIRST ARASHI FIC FOR THE YEAR 2017. WOOHOO. After 2 months of writer's block, I'm finally out! (Oh I hope I didn't jinx it. Ha!) Starting my "fic year" with Junba... the denial ship who makes me feel so much. This was random tho, so I guess my fics are just conjured up... randomly (the fics I usually finish are made up randomly, rather than the fics I plan out thoroughly. Ugh) Unbeta'ed. Sorry for any mistakes, and as always, comments are appreciated! :D <3

Enjoy your coffee, Jun! :)

"Ohh~ a note, huh?" Kazunari snatched the green post-it note from Jun's fingers to read it himself, then smirked. Jun merely glared at the back of his friend's head when he turned to eye each employee in that coffee shop, asking if it's the person he's looking at each time.

"Is it from that cute girl over there?"


"What about her?"



"It's from him," he nodded towards the male who was currently preparing a drink, "he's my barista. Masak--I mean, Aiba-kun."

The older male---at least by two months---was gazing upon him teasingly when he averted his eyes from the barista. Jun flushed, pocketing the note. He ignored his friend's mocking glances at him while they both finished their drinks, he even brushed off Kazunari's "First name basis, huh," comment as they made their way out of the shop.

Have a good day, Jun!

Jun was alone that time. No Kazunari to mock him. He read Masaki's note before pocketing it, thinking to himself how he had grown fond of the color green over the past few months; he took a sip of his Iced Americano first then realized that he's still holding onto the note inside his pocket. Jun's head shot up when he heard Masaki greet a customer. The barista met gazes with him, smiled, then served the customer in front of him. It was only then that Jun let go of the note, and left.

Thanks for always visiting us, Jun!

"Bad day?" It was one of those lazy afternoons. The coffee shop's business was slow at that hour, only a few customers, including Jun. He looked up at his barista, Masaki, then smiled a little. The latter returned it, though a little sympathetic. "Do you mind?" he asked, glancing over to the seat opposite of Jun's.

"No," Jun's smile widened, watching as Masaki sat down. The male asked him how his day was going, and surprisingly, instead of just answering the usual "Good", Jun told him how his day was going: "My boss was being a jerk so I blew off work to hang out here."

He didn't expect a reply from the barista, though. Masaki was just asking to be polite, so he was just answering. But instead of an awkward silence or an "Oh man, that sucks" reply, Masaki leaned closer to him, and said in a low voice, "I know how you feel man. Bosses suck."

That day was probably the first time in a while that Jun laughed so hard. He found it annoying and disappointing that they were shushed by the customer a few tables from them.

Masaki's laugh was uplifting.

And as Jun exit the shop, he heard Masaki call out to him, and when he looked back saw that the man was pointing at his coffee-to-go. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, then looked at the bottom of his paper cup, seeing a green post-it note; he took it and read the what was written: Hang in there, Jun!

"So you just keep all these?" Kazunari asked him. Jun opened his eyes, slowly turning so he can see what he was talking about; he almost fell on the ground as he rushed to the male, snatching the small box of post-it notes from him and placing it on top of the cabinet, where Kazunari can't reach.

"Keep smiling, Jun? And with a smiley face? The hell is this?" Jun took the last note from Kazunari and placed it inside a drawer, not answering. "That barista wants you so bad."

He walked out of his bedroom with his friend following suit, still rambling about his barista's notes to him.

"Look. I'm sure he does it to everyone else. Can you shut up?" said Jun, then rolled his eyes at Kazunari's "Not a morning person" remark at him.

"I went to that coffee shop just yesterday, he was the one who made my coffee, but no note!"

"He must have ran out."

"Or he only makes notes for you," Kazunari smirked, then added, "Oh god that's so cheesy!"

"I'm going back to sleep, Nino," Jun groaned, plopping down on his sofa and burying his face on one of the pillows. "Do whatever you want, just don't wake me."

Thankfully---oh thankfully---Kazunari left without another word. And when Jun woke up hours later, he saw an email from the male. He wasn't sure if he was still dreaming or not as he read it.

二宮和也 <>
to me

Talked to your friend here. Turns out he only makes the notes for Y.O.U
he told me not to tell, but I know you want him too
You can thank me a.k.a your CUPID, later. ;)))

Mondays suck but I hope you have a great week ahead, Jun!

"Thanks," mumbled Jun as Masaki gave him his cup of coffee. Black. The way he likes it. Masaki was smiling at him then bowed. Jun took a deep breath then exhaled. The barista asked him if he was alright, and he answered that he was.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I--," Jun started, then closed his mouth, only to open it again and continue, "I have to go."

Masaki nodded silently, watching as the other male walk away. It took him a few seconds to notice something purple on the counter---

A post-it note. From Jun!

He called out for Jun before he could exit the shop; he smiled widely when the man turned to look at him, "My shift ends at 9 PM."
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