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Or so says Christian from Moulin Rouge. (couldn't think of a proper title lmao) Anyhoo, it's that start of the month entry post from me. I did skip a month, January. I forgot. But it's kinda understandable (to me at least) since I was busy with family/New Year stuff. It's the month of February---the month of, as they say, Love.

For the month of January though, all I ever did was, as usual, laze around; stress over deadlines and all that jazz. New Years was meh, slept early on New Years eve, then got up early to attend a family reunion the following day.

I got back into reading, which is great (I thank a friend for recommending books and pulling me out of my reading slump) I'm reading Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda right now (also reading Attachments and Hamilton on the side). The story of it is great, but the only downside I notice is that one of the characters remind me of someone in the past. (Move on, N. Geez.) It's a bit difficult to read a few parts, but hey, whatever gets me going, right. I've also started watching the series Mr. Robot, I'm at episode 3 now of the first season, and I'm liking it a lot (granted, I only checked it out because I started liking Christian Slater lmao)

Hopefully this month turns out well. The last few months---or year---have been more of a routine to me, which sucks. At least I'm doing a few things out of it by now.

To end this crappy entry, I've greeted him already on Twitter but: Belated Happy Birthday, Sakurai Sho!

And! have a great month ahead!

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