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Title: Peace and Quiet
Author: [ profile] nidesux a.k.a moi~
Length: Drabble
Pairing: Satoshi x Sho a.k.a Yama
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Satoshi likes to nap at their school's music room, but little did he know, he wasn't the only one there.
Note: It's funny how I can write this in less than an hour, but take forever trying to write a one shot for my otp ;; anyhoo, this is a sort of birthday gift for [ profile] nin_nin15 Yo! Happy birthday, bro! Here, have some not-so-random fluffy Yama! (wait no, this was really random and sorta rushed and messy. Need to get back on my phase T^T)

"How long have you been here?" The sound of a person's voice woke Satoshi up. He slowly opened his eyes then rubbed the sleep from them. There was confusion in his voice when he answered:

"This is my usual spot," he said, "I always take naps here during breaks," Satoshi stared at the stranger in front of him as his vision cleared. The person was familiar---probably in the same year as him---but he couldn't remember what the name was.

Something Saku... Sakamoto? Sakamoto Shun? Shuu?

His gaze went from the other male's face to the nametag on his uniform.

Ah, Sakurai Sho.

Sho nodded, then mumbled an apology before moving away from behind the sofa Satoshi was at. He got up from the floor, and was about to call out for the other male, but he was already out the door.

"So you're the one who always plays the piano," said Satoshi. A gentle smile appeared on his lips when he noticed Sho flinch. "Sorry,"

"You've heard me play?"

"A few times," he replied, stepping inside the music room. "I thought I was only dreaming when I do, though,"

Sho chuckled, playing a few notes on the grand piano, "I always thought I was the only one here,"

"Same here. You were playing this one piece the other week, it stuck in my mind. I had to ask a friend of mine what piece it was," Satoshi stepped closer to where Sho was, until he was standing right behind him. The latter had his back facing him now, then asked him what piece he was referring to. "Beauty and the Beast? I don't really watch Disney movies,"

Satoshi's breath hitched when Sho immediately started playing the song; he watched the male in awe, remembering how he first felt when he first listened to it. He was woken by it, as he recalled, but he didn't really mind.

He felt his cheeks heat up when Sho turned around to face him again, asking how his playing was. Satoshi stumbled over his words, eventually choking out a "Great" before excusing himself out of the room, despite having half an hour left on his break and despite not having napped yet.

"Why do you always come here during breaks?"

"To get some peace and quiet," Satoshi answered, "the dance room is always so crowded during breaks, and this room is always unoccupied---I thought was always unoccupied---so I always come here,"

"So you're a dancer..." Sho mumbled. Satoshi nodded, taking a sip from his water bottle and then placing it down on the floor; he asked the other male the same question, to which he answered: "I sort of have the same reason as you. And at least here, I have this piano with me,"


"Ohno-san," Satoshi looked up from where he sat on the floor, meeting gazes with Sho. It still surprises him whenever the latter says his name.

"Will you still come here even though I keep playing the piano while you nap?"

A smile made its way to his face before chuckling, "As long as you keep playing, I will."

Sho turned around to face the piano, then started playing a different piece, one he hasn't heard before. Even so, he found it very relaxing; watching Sho play the piano and listen to what he was playing.

Once the male finished playing, asked how it was, then gave him a cheeky grin when he was complimented, Satoshi added, not so long after: "I wouldn't have come back if your piano-playing bothered me."

They both stared at each other for a while, only the school bell ringing snapped them out of their trance, indicating that break was over. Sho was the first to got up and gather his things, and unlike their first meeting, Satoshi managed to catch up with him, asking him if he's free later that day.

Seeing Sho's smile and gaze at him before they parted was a good enough answer.
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